A Few Things You Might Want To Have Done When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Posted on: 17 February 2023

When you are planning on remodeling a bathroom in your home, there are a few things you should consider doing to that space during the remodel. You can learn about these things below, as well as reasons why they can be to your advantage in the future. Here is more on a few things you should think about having done to your bathroom when you are having it remodeled: 

Have more windows installed 

A bathroom must have at least one small window, and this is an actual requirement in many regions. However, when you are having your bathroom remodeled, you should consider replacing a small window with a larger one. If possible, you may even want to add more windows to its design. More windows, or a larger window, means improved air circulation and more natural light coming into the bathroom space. When you improve the natural lighting, it cuts down on your need to use as much artificial lighting. Also, better air circulation means it will be easier for you to keep the bathroom smelling fresh and there will be less condensation buildup in the space. 

Have more storage installed

A common complaint many have regarding their bathroom is that there isn't enough storage. This is why you should also think about having more storage added to the space during the remodel. There are some common ways you can go about adding more storage to the bathroom, as well as some creative ones. Some of the more common ways to add storage include replacing a pedestal sink with a vanity sink that has storage underneath it, installing a storage cabinet, and putting up shelves. An example of a more creative way to increase the amount of storage in the bathroom is to install an over-the-toilet storage area and to install more mirrored medicine cabinets that can look like regular mirrors. 

Have safety measures installed

Even if no one in the home has mobility issues, the bathroom will still remain one of the more dangerous areas of the home, as they are considered dangerous due to the risk factors they possess. You can turn your bathroom into a safer space during a remodel by having a few additional things done. You can have more textured flooring installed, have grab bars put in the shower, and have the door hung, so it opens outwardly. When the door opens this way, a person won't get trapped inside the bathroom if they were to fall and injure themselves because help could get to them.

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