2 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning To Remodel Your Small Kitchen

Posted on: 10 July 2023

If your home's kitchen is outdated and feels cramped, you may be getting ready to completely overhaul the space and remodel it. Before you begin, you may have decided to sit down and draw up a few plans for elements you want to be included.

However, especially if you have a small kitchen, you need to be careful that you do not create an even more cramped working space that is not easy to move around in. Make sure you avoid the mistakes below when planning to remodel your home's small kitchen.

1. Neglecting to Consider How Doors and Drawers Will Open into the Working Space and Aisle of the Kitchen

One mistake that you should avoid making when making plans for your small kitchen's renovation is neglecting to consider how the doors and drawers open. If you decide on cabinets that have drawers that pull out too far or doors that open in the wrong directions, you may find it difficult to work in the small space provided.

When planning out the drawers, opt for ones that do not open all the way out. As for the doors for the cabinets and appliances, make sure they all open in the same direction so they do not hit one another. A remodeling professional can help you choose elements that will help achieve these goals.

2. Having a Large Island Installed That Overwhelms the Kitchen and Makes It Difficult to Maneuver Around

Another mistake to avoid when remodeling your small kitchen is overwhelming the space with a large island. While you may want to have extra storage and counter space, a large island will take up the limited space and make it difficult to maneuver around in the kitchen.

Instead, you should opt for one or two smaller islands that allow for easy movement or a small peninsula that extends out from your main countertops. A remodeling contractor can help you decide which would be better for your available kitchen space.

When remodeling a small kitchen, you should take into account the amount of working space and the width of the aisle when considering how far the drawers will pull out as well as the direction and positions of the cabinet and appliance doors. You should also either choose a small island or peninsula instead of a large one that would overwhelm the space and make it difficult to maneuver around in the kitchen. For help with the design and implementation of your plans for the small kitchen, contact a contractor who offers kitchen remodeling services to make an appointment to speak with them about your project.

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