Tips For Maintaining Your New Quartz Countertops

Posted on: 18 May 2023

Have you decided to install quartz countertops in your kitchen because you love the look? Now you'll need to know how to maintain the countertops so they continue to look good. Here is what you need to know for maintaining quartz countertops.

Clean The Surface Daily

One of the perks of quartz countertops is that they have a great shine to them. However, you need to care for the countertops daily to maintain that shine. You should wipe down the surface regularly with some mild soap on either a sponge or soft cloth. You should avoid using chemicals or harsh cleaning materials since you run the risk of damaging the surface of the countertops. 

Clean Spills Immediately

Quartz is a non-porous material that will prevent liquids from soaking into the surface. However, it's still possible for certain liquids to stain the top surface of the countertops if you are not careful. Be sure to clean up spills immediately to prevent this from happening. If you do have a stain that won't easily come out, you may need to use a non-abrasive cleaning solution made with water and baking soda. Mix the two ingredients into a paste, let it sit on the stain for a while, then rinse it off with a sponge or damp cloth.

Avoid Heat

Many people select quartz countertops because they are known to be heat-resistant. However, this doesn't mean that you can take a hot pan right off the stove and place it on the quartz countertop. You should be careful to avoid accidental heat damage by always using a trivet when you need to set a hot plate on the countertop. It's not worth the risk when such a small item can potentially protect your countertops from damage.

Use Cutting Boards

Some countertops are resistant enough to scratches that you can cut food right on the surface and not worry about damaging it. Quartz is not that resistant to scratches, especially from knives used directly on the surface. It's important to always use a cutting board since a really sharp knife can create a nasty scratch on the surface that won't go away. 

These are just a few tips that you can follow to make sure your quartz countertops stay pristine. Looking for more advice? Make sure to ask a kitchen remodeling contractor. They will know all the tips and tricks to help ensure your countertops stay in great shape.