3 Stone Counter Options That Are Cheaper Than Granite

Posted on: 27 March 2023

Granite counters are beautiful, durable, and very popular. However, they do tend to come with quite a high price tag, and that means that not everyone can afford them. Does that mean you have to give up stone counters entirely? Not at all! There are several types of stone counters that perform well and cost less than granite. Consider the options below.


Quartz is not slabs of stone. It's actually an engineered stone counter material, which means it is made from chunks or pieces of stone that have been brought together by a special type of resin. The patterns in quartz counters are usually created in such a way that the counters look like they are made from one stone slab. Many of these patterns mimic granite. Some are more colorful. Quartz counters are really durable and stain-resistant. They do not need to be sealed like natural stone counters. You could also consider them a "green" or sustainable option since they are made from stone chips that might otherwise have been discarded.


Slate is a type of rock with a dull, matte appearance. It comes in a lot of shades of gray, some of which have blue or purple undertones. If you use the right flooring and paint colors, you can really make these undertones more obvious. Slate is highly resistant to scratches, and you can place hot pans directly on it. People often love its distinct look for modern kitchens. However, slate can be a little brittle. You'll need to be careful not to drop heavy objects on it since that can cause the counter to chip a little.


Soapstone has a similar texture and finish to slate. However, it has more patterns and veins in it than slate, which tends to be very uniform. Most soapstone has a light gray background with some veins of deeper grays running through it. It has a silky feel, which people often like, and which keeps it from absorbing any staining materials. Soapstone is not as heat-resistant as some other stone counter materials, so you will want to use potholders on it. However, it's quite resistant to shattering and scratching.

If you can't afford expensive granite counters, that does not mean you can't afford stone counters, in general. Consider the three types of stone counters above. Each one has something unique to offer, and they are all very affordable. For more information, contact a company like Arbor Design.