6 Ways To Freshen Up Your Shower When Remodeling

Posted on: 15 March 2023

Are you looking to give your shower a bit of a makeover by remodeling it? You'll definitely want to consider the following ideas before you get started. 

Install A Brand-New Showerhead

There are many types of showerheads that can make a shower feel fresh and new again. Consider upgrading to one that is detachable, has a rainfall water effect, or even offers water massaging features. It's a simple upgrade you can make that actually makes the shower feel really different from how it was before.

Install New Fixtures

You can also use a remodel as an opportunity to add new fixtures to the shower. The types of faucets, knobs, and handles you use can really help transform the space and make it feel luxurious. In addition, fixtures are something that are easy to swap out on your own.

Use Accent Tiles 

Want to improve the look of the shower by lining it with tiles? It's possible to give the shower a splash of color by using accent tiles. This could be something as simple as a horizontal row of accent tiles that help the color pop off the wall. Definitely consider how to add color to any tile work before you get started on any tile work.

Improve The Lighting 

A bathroom is one room of the home where you want plenty of light. That's why you should consider putting in recessed lighting so that you can include more lighting in the space. Having recessed lighting in a shower is a great way to brighten up the space, make it easy to shave, and really enjoy that newly renovated space.

Add A Shower Door

Do you currently have a curtain on your shower to prevent the water from getting out? An upgrade that you can make is to add a shower door. You don't need to have a wide shower to add a sliding door either since you can have a smaller door that rotates on a hinge. A glass door can also bring plenty of light into the shower as well.

Add Recessed Shelving

There is no reason to bring in shelves that attach to the shower head or stand up in the shower. Use the opportunity to add recessed shelving that takes up less room and keeps everything out of the way. 

Looking for more ideas on how to remodel your shower? Reach out to a local remodeling company, such as Midwest Bath Company, to learn more.