Does A Deck Design Need To Be Customized?

Posted on: 17 October 2022

Custom decks make amazing impressions. However, you might wonder whether your project calls for a custom deck design. There are many reasons why people start custom deck-building projects so let's look at several scenarios that might apply to yours.

House Shape

Sometimes the shape of the house is unusual enough that deck builders will encourage the homeowner to use a custom design. Some houses have odds shapes to account for proximity to the property line or odd topographical features, for example. Installing a deck using a standard design at these locations just isn't going to cut it.

Depending on the property's issues, there may even be structural reasons for doing a custom deck. For example, it may be difficult to find solid anchor points in the ground for a deck's foundation. Consequently, a contractor may need to do a custom deck design to incorporate the locations of the foundation sections and supports.


Not all custom decks come into being for purely practical reasons. You might also want to integrate desirable features. Putting in a full-sized outdoor kitchen on a deck, for example, calls for lots of planning. Similarly, installing a hot tub will significantly change the structural needs of a deck. Even if the desired features are fairly lightweight, such as a pergola or screening, you may need to think about how to support and protect them.


Installing a deck at a great height from the ground increases the odds you'll need to customize it. Suppose a house is built along the side of a hill. If you want a deck on the second story, the design may need to account for three stories or more of height just to reach the ground when you factor in the basement and the additional slope of the hill.

Also, many people who build tall decks elect to have at least two levels. That introduces more design complexity while also placing more demands on the structure.


There is nothing wrong with having an old-school rectangular deck. Just don't expect anybody to talk about it. If you want to create something more aesthetically conversation-worthy, custom deck building is likely to be the solution.

You can use a custom design to better integrate the deck with the architectural features of the house, for example. Similarly, you might create a deck that is more ornate or incorporate less common materials. You will more likely maximize the beauty of these elements with a custom deck design.