Bathroom Remodel: Tips For Buying A Glass Door For Your Shared Shower Enclosure

Posted on: 23 September 2022

Are you planning a bathroom remodel that includes installing a new shower enclosure? Shower enclosures are great for shared bathrooms, as the glass makes the space feel airy and look bigger than it is. However, for the shower to be practical and usable by all family members, you must choose the right shower glass door. With this in mind, here are three tips to help you pick the right glass shower door for your shared shower.

Consider a Sliding Door Design 

There are two popular configurations of glass shower doors: pivoting and sliding. Pivoting doors open onto the bathroom floor, which causes water to drip down onto the floor. If you select a pivot door, you must lay out a towel before opening the door to avoid wetting the bathroom floor. This can be problematic in shared bathrooms, where some users may forget to lay out a towel.

A sliding shower door is the best option for a shared bathroom. It moves from side to side instead of opening into the bathroom. Modern sliding doors are trackless and frameless, meaning there are no tracks at the bottom and sides of the door for you to clean. With this door design, you don't have to worry about water dripping on the floor and causing slip-and-fall accidents.

Pay Attention to the Height of the Door

Glass shower doors can come in specific sizes. Therefore, there can be a problem when it comes to taller members of the family, especially those over six feet tall. If a seven-foot person uses a bathroom with a door that is 70 inches tall, water will bounce off their heads onto the bathroom floor. Therefore, you must dry the bathroom after each shower to prevent fall accidents.

Consider the heights of all the bathroom users when choosing the right height for your glass shower door. Glass doors over 90 inches tall are better suited to taller family members. Taller doors may cost more, but they can enhance user comfort and help to keep the bathroom floor dry and safe.

Opt for Obscure or Patterned Glass

Glass is a contemporary material for modern bathrooms. However, clear glass can be a pain to maintain. Soap scum can leave streaks and stains that are unsightly and hard to clean. Opt for patterned or obscure glass instead of clear glass. The patterns and texture on the glass conceal stains and spots, maintaining the door's curb appeal. They also enhance privacy, which is crucial in a shared bathroom.

Your glass shower door should provide privacy to users and be easy to use and maintain. Therefore, consider the above tips when selecting the right glass door for your new shower. Contact a residential home remodeling service to learn more.