Modernize Your Kitchen By Replacing Your Aging Cabinetry

Posted on: 10 August 2022

If you've been eager to make updates to your kitchen, it's common to feel stumped on what changes are worth the money. While you may not receive full reimbursement on your investment with any single project, new cabinets can significantly affect how satisfied you are with your kitchen.

If your primary goal is to update the kitchen to improve functionality, consider the following tips for finding modern cabinetry.

Check Out Current Technology 

As you prepare to replace aging cabinets, it's wise to check what kind of technology is available. Hearing the cabinets slam shut can be startling, making it wise to choose cabinetry with slow-close hardware. This can be useful in a home with young children since you don't want the sound of being in the kitchen to disturb anybody napping.

Instead of worrying that your cabinets make a lot of noise closing, this can be an excellent investment to make.

Another option to consider that utilizes recent advancements is being able to gently tap the cabinet and have them open for you. This feature can make getting around your kitchen easier since you may need to open the cabinets with your hands full.

Opt for More Height

You'll need to keep measurements in mind as you shop for cabinetry to install in your kitchen. Along with finding cabinets that fit horizontally, you'll need to see just how high you want the cabinets installed. 

Taking advantage of vertical space ensures you'll use your available space wisely and have more room for storage. This can free up a lot of room to hide clutter and all the items you need for your dream kitchen.

Compare Glass and Solid Panels

Along with choosing cabinetry that has plenty of space for everything, you'll need to consider the different style choices. Glass panels can provide a sleek look in your kitchen, but it comes with the drawback of seeing everything inside. Limiting glass panels to only a few cabinets can allow you to show off the dishware you enjoy most without your kitchen looking cluttered.

Solid panels can be much more effective at maintaining a clean kitchen and can come in a range of paint and stain colors. Having this level of personalization can give your kitchen an entirely new look after the cabinetry is installed.

Shopping for kitchen cabinets can be an extensive process with a lot of options to compare. When your goal is to design a modern kitchen, the above tips can make a significant difference in how the project turns out.

For more information on cabinetry, contact a professional near you.