Have Vaulted Ceilings? Hire An Interior Designer To Furnish And Decorate

Posted on: 19 July 2022

Living in a home with vaulted ceilings gives you ample flexibility because of how much extra wall space and ceiling height you have compared to typical homes. However, because of these specific qualities, you might find it tricky to furnish and decorate this kind of home. An easy solution is hiring an interior designer who can strategically handle furnishing and decorating.


While you can leave a lot of empty wall space in your home, you may like to decorate the walls with artwork and photos that provide sentimental value or add beauty. Unfortunately, your existing pieces might not fit well on an oversized wall because of vaulted ceilings. The photo frames might look too small when you put them up on an oversized wall without anything else.

An interior designer can make a gallery wall with a large collection of framed photos. This setup will allow you to use your existing frames while still looking incredible with vaulted ceilings.

Since you get a ton of wall space with vaulted ceilings, you may need to pick up many more wall decorations. Luckily, you can tell an interior designer about your decorative preferences, such as colors, designs, patterns, and themes, and they can pick up fitting pieces.


When you live in a house with similar square footage to your previous one, you might not need to replace much furniture. However, you will notice that armoires, bookshelves, and shelving units can look a little out of place in a vaulted ceiling home. An easy solution is to replace the furniture pieces with taller ones, such as bookcases and storage cabinets.

Another change worth considering is going with an oversized entertainment center for your living room. Replacing a television stand will give you increased functionality. Also, you can confidently use the space above the television because you have ample wall space.


A tough part of designing with vaulted ceilings in mind is lighting. For instance, each room will have ample air space, so you must invest in more lighting overall. While recessed lights work well for standard ceilings, you may not find them practical on a vaulted ceiling.

Chandeliers and wall sconces are excellent additions to get all the lighting you need in each room. You can also use table lamps and floor lamps for task lighting needs. An interior designer will figure out the perfect combination to achieve sufficient lighting throughout the home.

Contact an interior designer to learn more.