Remodeling Your Kitchen? Consider These Design Trends

Posted on: 9 June 2022

Are you gearing up to remodel your kitchen? It gives you the opportunity to make your kitchen just like you have always dreamed of. That's why it is worth knowing about some recent kitchen trends so that you can consider them.

Glazed Tile

Glazed tile has been around for a while because of how they look handmade, which gives your kitchen a unique look that makes it stand out. However, know that tile is not easy or cheap to switch out later. Make sure that you are dedicated to a color that reflects your personal style. 

Glass Partitions 

Want your kitchen to be a little bit separated, but still have some flow? You can incorporate glass partitions into your kitchen to do this. It gives you the feel of an open floor plan but still takes you back to when the kitchen had some separation. If you are renovating a kitchen that already has walls for separation, a glass partition can help create a noise barrier, give the appearance of an open floor plan, and keep the cooking smells out from the rest of your home. 

Layered Lighting

A living room tends to have various types of lighting. You may have lamps in different parts of the room at different heights, as well as overhead lighting. With a kitchen, the lighting scheme is quite different. Many people are used to having recessed lighting that creates an all-or-nothing lighting situation.

Layered lighting helps give the lights purpose. You can have those bright overhead lights for when you are cooking and want to see all the preparation surfaces and also have some pendant lighting that is more decorative for when the kitchen is used as a social setting. Just make sure that your more decorative lighting is easy to keep clean with all the cooking going on in there.

Dark Cabinetry 

A color trend that can look really great is dark cabinetry. When it is contrasted with wood or light-colored countertops, the cabinetry can stick out in a great way with a two-tone look. However, dark cabinets will look best in a kitchen that has plenty of natural light. Dark rooms make a kitchen feel like a cave rather than create a pleasant look.

These are just a few trends that are currently happening in kitchens. For more ideas, reach out to local kitchen remodeling services that can help do all the work for you.