4 Therapeutic Benefits Of Residential Walk-In Bathtubs

Posted on: 10 May 2022

Which is the most dangerous room in your house? While the first thing that might come to your mind is the kitchen because of all the sharp knives and blenders, research shows that the bathroom is the most dangerous room in a house. This is especially true for persons aged 65 and above due to the risk of slips and falls. 

With this information, there is a need to make the bathroom a safer space for everyone by installing residential walk-in bathtubs. Not only are these tubs safer, but they also improve your health. 

Check out these four therapeutic benefits of home walk-in bathtubs.

Improved Hygiene

Seniors with mobility impairment can find the bathing process difficult, especially if they use traditional bathtubs or stand-up showers. To avoid injuries, they may even abandon showering together, leading to secondary risks like fungal infections and poor wound care. 

Residential walk-in bathtubs can enhance the hygiene of seniors by removing inconveniences and dangers from the bathroom. One can easily enter the bathroom as the height of a step into the walk-in tub is generally very small. Some walk-in tubs even have features that allow accessibility for users with wheelchairs. 

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

A warm bath has been proven to aid in relaxation and stress relief. But you can take it a step higher by incorporating soothing add-ons such as chromotherapy to your home walk-in tub. This entails using colored lights to create a calm atmosphere that reduces tension and improves relaxation. 

A walk-in tub with these relaxation features becomes a place where the senior goes when they want to rest and recharge. According to Psychology Today, this allows them to manage stress, which is essential in minimizing inflammation, reducing high blood pressure, and avoiding depression.

Hydrotherapy Options

Hydrotherapy, which applies water to massage the body and cure pain, has been a known medical option for years. It can benefit persons with mobility restrictions, arthritis, neuropathy, poor circulation, and those whose bodies continually experience aches and pain. 

Walk-in tubs can be connected with advanced hydrotherapy, including whirlpool jets and therapeutic air. When one enters the tub, the warm water stream relaxes their muscles and stimulates the release of pain-reduction hormones referred to as endorphins.

Improved Circulation

It's a well-known fact that hot soaks can improve body circulation. A recent study shows that they may even be good replacements for exercise for people who can't walk, like patients with knee problems or joint diseases. Getting a hot soak for a few minutes can dilate blood vessels, allowing one to have better blood flow. 

With home walk-in bathtubs, seniors can have hot baths whenever they want. These soaks improve their blood flow and their overall health.

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