Why A Concrete Countertop Is An Excellent Choice For Your New Kitchen

Posted on: 25 March 2022

The most exciting part of renovating a kitchen is choosing the materials for the cabinets and countertops. In the past, people used basic laminate countertops more often than any other material. But today, you can choose from many options, including concrete.

Have you ever looked at a kitchen with concrete counters? If not, you should. But, heed this warning: you might fall in love with them. Concrete is a unique material that's very trendy today, and here are some reasons people choose it for their new kitchens.

It's trendy

When you think of concrete, what's the first thought that pops into your mind? Of course, many people would say their sidewalks. Yes, your sidewalks might be made of concrete, but concrete counters don't look like sidewalks.

Concrete countertop manufacturers custom-make these counters to meet your needs. You can choose from all kinds of colors, styles, and finishes. For example, you can choose smooth finishes or rough. Additionally, they'll build them to fit your kitchen perfectly.

The bottom line is that concrete countertops have a unique appearance, making them desirable to most people. So if you're aiming for a trendy look in your kitchen, concrete is one of the best choices.

It's durable

When you picture your sidewalks, you'll understand how durable concrete is. It's solid, strong, and thick. While you can scratch these counters, it's not likely that you will. It takes a lot to damage them. Concrete is just as strong as other hard surfaces used for counters, including granite and quartz.

Additionally, concrete is heat-resistance. You can place hot pans on your concrete counters without harming them. As a result, many people choose these for their bathrooms, too. After all, you won't have to worry about a hot hair straightener harming them.

It's easy to care for

The other factor people ask about when choosing countertops is the care they require. You might not have time to spend hours caring for your countertops each month, and that's understandable. Fortunately, you won't have to if you choose concrete counters. You can clean them with soap and water or non-abrasive cleaning products. The only other thing they'll need is a sealant, but they only need this every two to three years.

Hire a concrete countertop design contractor to learn more

Are you convinced that concrete countertops are right for your home? A custom concrete countertop design contractor can help you customize your kitchen with these counters and help you learn all your options.