How To Add Some Visual Appeal To A Kitchen Cabinet Design

Posted on: 25 January 2022

Few projects will dictate the look of a kitchen as much as cabinet installation work. When you think about kitchen cabinet design, you'll likely want to consider how to make both the cabinets and the cooking space as visually appealing as possible. Explore these five possibilities if you want to take a more aesthetic approach to your cabinet design efforts.

General Style

More than anything, you will want to choose a style so you can have a visually consistent kitchen. You might want to use a sleek and simple style like modernism to produce a very clean-looking kitchen. Conversely, a rustic or Tuscan kitchen can be warm and inviting.

Also, look at what your kitchen's style currently is. You don't want to create a major mismatch. If you're not sure what style the kitchen is, you can ask a designer.

Tone and Contrast

How much do you want the kitchen cabinet installation to stand out from the surrounding space? If you have a dark kitchen, for example, a light cabinet design can create a strong contrast. The reverse is also true.

Some folks don't want their cabinetry to become the focal point of the kitchen. These customers should consider using tones that create less contrast. You can still create a sense of style with this approach by gradually changing tones. For example, you might paint the main box of the cabinets a tone that's close to the paint on the kitchen's walls. You can then make the cabinet doors a slightly different tone, and you can even go a step further by making the panels another tone.


Adding glass in place of panels is a great way to make a kitchen cabinet design more appealing. Likewise, the visibility of the contents is a practical feature. You can go a step further and use all-glass doors, but you'll likely want to be careful with this if your kitchen is a contemporary or modernist design.

Handles and Knobs

The right fixtures can accentuate a cabinet, especially if it lacks a strong contrast. If you have an all-white kitchen, for example, black knobs on the cabinets can add some visual surprise. Similarly, you might use light brass handles to contrast against dark and earthy wood cabinets.


You also can attach accessories to the cabinets. These are often functional choices. For example, you might add a paper towel holder to the bottom of a cabinet. Similarly, you can add hooks for pots and pans, especially if you have visually appealing ones made of copper or cast iron.

For more information on kitchen cabinet design, speak with a cabinet company.