Options To Discuss Before Having Your Tile Installed

Posted on: 11 January 2022

When you find a tile pattern that you love, you probably can't wait to have it installed. Tile installers can usually complete a job in a day or two, so it won't be long before you have a nice tile floor or backsplash. However, before your tile installers can get to work, they will generally want a little more information from you. Here are some options and factors to discuss with them.

What color of grout do you prefer?

Choosing the tile is only the first step. After you've chosen your tile, you need to choose your grout color. Most people choose a grout color that complements the tile choice, but this leaves a lot of room for flexibility. If you want the tile and grout to really stand out from each other, you'll want a dark grout with a light tile — or vice versa. If you don't want the grout to call attention to itself, you'll want a color that blends in with your tile. For instance, choosing pale gray grout to pair with tile that has a gray background is wise.

How wide do you want the tile spaces?

Your installer can put the tiles close together or they can space them a little further apart. It all depends on the look you prefer. If you want your grout lines to be really obvious and a key part of your "look," then wider tile spaces are generally preferred. On the other hand, if you want the grout to blend in, then narrower tile spaces are called for.

What pattern would you like the tile laid in?

If you have square or rectangular tiles, your installer will generally give you two options. You can stack the tiles directly on top of one another, or you can stagger them. Neither pattern is better than the other; it's just a matter of preference.

If you have more unusually shaped tiles, such as octagonal tiles, choosing a pattern may be more complicated. The easiest approach is generally to have your tile installer show you a few options, and then you can pick the one that you find most visually appealing.

Before you have your tile installed, make sure you think about the options above. If you find yourself unsure of which option to choose, your installer should be able to advise you. They can tell you what has worked for other clients in your shoes.

For more information on custom tile installation, contact a company near you.