6 Ways To Make A Shower Remodel More Exciting

Posted on: 7 September 2021

Shower remodeling projects often focus on fixing things that are wrong, broken, or dated. There is nothing wrong with addressing general dinginess, but it is not necessarily the most exciting plan. If want to add some excitement to a shower remodel, consider these points.


Yes, a shower should let you clean up. However, there's a lot to be said for enhancing the experience. You can choose an overhead showerhead that provides a rainfall-like experience. Tech features like audio, a voice assistant, and programmable lighting all make for a richer experience, too. If you're tired of fumbling with the radio while you are in the shower, these features will add convenience and make things simpler.

Colors and Tones

The world has lots of predominantly white and very antiseptic-looking bathrooms, but your bathroom doesn't have to. Colors and tones are great tools for bringing excitement to a shower remodel. Even a small change like adding some black tiles to a white shower can accentuate the space. Don't be afraid to explore colors you like. Implement patterns, and mix and match until you get something that excites you.


People often assume everything in a shower remodel has to be smooth. Faux rock textures, for example, can provide greater visual interest. A texture doesn't usually have to be very pronounced to stand out in the relatively simple space of the average bathroom.

Different Shapes

The standard shower is a square that either juts into a bathroom or recedes into the wall. Both are average options that will do the job. However, a different shape can add some appeal and make the shower look more modern. You also can use the shape of the shower to incorporate a seat or a set of massaging jets.

Doors and Glass

Many folks overlook the shower door as a point of interest for shower remodeling efforts. A door already stands out from the surrounding shower. You can lean into that by using colored or frosted glass. For a more modern look, consider a metal door. A pewter door, for example, will have a metallic finish and provide privacy.


A showerhead doesn't just have to be functional. Particularly if you're updating a fairly boring space, the showerhead and its controls offer a chance to add excitement. You also can mix in a feature like a detachable wand to provide functionality while also adding some visual benefits.