Are You Remodeling Your Kitchen? 3 Natural Stone Countertop Options To Consider

Posted on: 7 May 2021

Your countertop choice can make or destroy the mood in your kitchen. Therefore, you should be careful with your selection. One of the trendiest designs today is the natural stone countertop. They are becoming increasingly popular for their strength and beauty. 

Natural stone countertops are available in several varieties, making it pretty challenging to settle on the most suitable one. Of course, each of these options comes with a different price tag, esthetic appeal, and maintenance requirements. So you should consider this before making the final decision. Learn more about the three natural stone countertops below.

1. Granite Kitchen Tops

Granite is first on the natural stone countertop list because it is the most commonly used variety in kitchens today. What makes it unique is its low maintenance qualities and durability. Though widely used for kitchen spaces, its low-porosity feature makes it ideal for outdoor spaces too. 

Even if granite is not porous, you should invest in a sealant to prevent staining. Moreover, you should clean your granite countertop as soon as it gets dirty with a pH-neutral cleaning agent to maintain the look. 

Another unique thing to learn about granite tops is that each slab quarried is never identical to the other. That means each counter will be of a different pattern after the installation. If this fits your style, go for it.

2. Marble Kitchen Tops

Marble stone kitchen countertops have been around for years. You will love the distinct and timeless look they give your kitchen. They come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and uneven veining to suit everyone's preferences. When it comes to the base colors, gray and black are the most preferred, with a touch of gray veining.

Another thing about marble is its soft nature, so you must seal it to protect it from stains. And when anything acidic — such as lemon, orange juices, or chili — pours on the surface, clean it right away to prevent etching. When your marble countertop etches, you can have it re-honed to restore its appeal. 

3. Quartzite Kitchen Tops

Contrary to the popular perception, kitchen quartzite is not the same as artificial quartz. Quartzite occurs naturally, and it adds a sense of drama and customization to any space. Like marble, quartzite also has veins visible through the neutral colors, though a bit faint. In the stone are quartz-like crystals, which makes the surface sparkle when the room is lit. Like the rest of the natural stone countertops, you should also seal a quartzite kitchen top.

A natural stone countertop creates a unique look in your kitchen. Choose a variety that blends perfectly with the existing theme in your kitchen and your needs and tastes. For more information, contact a kitchen remodeling service.