Dealing With The Mold Clean Up That Needs To Be Done When Doing Exterior Renovations

Posted on: 16 March 2021

The mold on your home's exterior can be a serious issue that you need to deal with. Sometimes, these problems can start due to different issues with leaks and mechanical systems. The problem is that they often spread inside the walls and cause damage that goes unnoticed. Therefore, there is going to need to be some clean-up that needs to be done to the exterior of your home. The following mold cleanup information will help you prepare the exterior for renovations.

Finding the Cause of Exterior Moisture Problems

The exterior of your home may not be where you think about mold growth starting, but issues with leaks and other problems are often where they begin. Therefore, you may need to inspect your home's exterior to identify these issues and get to the bottom of the problem. Some of the issues that cause mold problems include:

  • Leaks around window and door openings
  • Damaged flashing at patios or exterior decks
  • Issues due to foundation damage and waterproofing failures

Removing Exterior Finishes in the Affected Areas

When you have found a problem with moisture getting in behind exterior finishes, you will need to remove the finishes like siding, brick, or stucco. Often, there are hidden mold problems behind these materials that need to be addressed. When you are removing the materials, isolate these areas from the rest of your home. If you are removing brickwork to get to the moisture and mold, clean and save the materials to complete the repairs once the cleanup work has been done. If you are removing other materials like siding, it is likely that they will need to be completely replaced.

Demolition of Interior Materials Affected by Mold  

There may also be demolition work that needs to be done to the interior of your home. These problems are often due to the mold spreading from the exterior to the interior of your home. Some of the interior materials that may require demolition during the mold clean-up and restoration include:

  • Interior drywall on exterior walls
  • Cabinetry in affected areas
  • Flooring affected by mold (like wood or carpeting)

These are things that you want to know when cleaning up the mold for exterior renovations. Contact a mold damage renovation service for help with preparing your home for the renovations that need to be done.

To learn more about mold cleanup, contact a resource that offers mold cleanup services near you.