Benefits Of Roof Overs For Your Mobile Home

Posted on: 16 March 2021

Choosing a roof over the next time your mobile home has roof problems can seem like a big step, but it can provide a variety of benefits. A roof over can even have advantages versus a simple re-roofing. Here are a few of the potential benefits of a roof over for your mobile home.

1. Save money

One top consideration for any roofing job is how much it will cost you and whether your wallet can handle the strain. Since roofing jobs tend to cost more the longer they take, choosing a roofing job that's quicker and easier often lets you save money.

A roof over saves time and money by avoiding the entire tear-off process. Tear-off would otherwise require you to pay for the labor of removing and hauling away the old roofing materials (plus any charges for the disposal of these materials).

2. Avoid leakage

A roof over essentially provides a whole second roof between your mobile home and the elements. Even a leaky second roof could be a better backup layer than no second roof. This means that not only will the roof over provide a functional new roof, but it may provide you leak protection for even longer than a similar roof installed after a tear-off (although results may vary).

In addition, choosing a long-lived roofing material such as metal can allow you to keep your roof protecting your home from leaks as long as possible.

3. Increase value of a mobile home

A roof over can provide your mobile home with a roof that's not only newer but also more functional, attractive, and desirable. For example, the addition of a pitched roof as a roof over project may create an overhang that protects your mobile home's walls and windows from the elements (reducing potential damage such as leaks).

But also, a pitched roof may add curb appeal and may allow you to add gutters for even more protection from the rain. These improvements in both form and function can mean your mobile home is seen as a more valuable home, increasing its overall value.

4. Reduce maintenance needs

Different types of roofs need different amounts of maintenance. Depending on what type of roof material you had on your mobile home previously, you can significantly lower your roof's maintenance needs if you roof over with an easy-care material like a metal roof. 

These are just a few of the benefits you may experience if you choose a roof over job for your mobile home. Get in touch with local remodeling contractors today to learn more about roofing and roof over options for your mobile home and the pros and cons of each possibility.