Want To Add A Kitchen Island? 3 Tips To Maximize Its Functionality

Posted on: 19 January 2021

If you own a home with ample leftover space in the kitchen, you may want to add a feature or two to increase functionality. While you can add almost any feature to accomplish this goal, you may want to prioritize a custom island that can provide a lot of functionality in numerous ways.


While you may already have a cooktop along the original countertop and next to the cabinetry, you should consider removing it and putting a cooktop on the island. This gives you an excellent opportunity to replace the cooktop with a new one that has modern features. Another reason to go with this particular addition is that you can maximize lighting in the area to help with cooking.

Instead of having to rely on a range hood lamp to provide most of the lighting, you can use overhead lighting setup with pendant or recessed lights to cook with great visibility. This location will have you looking at the island seating area, which will make it easier to socialize with family.


With almost any island that you put in the middle of your kitchen, you can expect to increase the available storage space. But, while some islands may focus on other functions, you should not hesitate to get a lot of desirable features and qualities by making deep cabinets a top priority.

This means that you can dedicate three sides of the island under the countertop to storage. Even if you want to add a cooktop, you can still work with a remodeling company to maximize storage space by requesting the maximum amount of storage for the area underneath the cooktop.


Making dedicated seating in the kitchen can make the room more comfortable and enjoyable for your family to spend time in. Instead of having to stand up to have a conversation while you are cooking a meal, you can look forward to your family being able to sit down at the kitchen island.

When you plan out the seating, you need to decide how much of a countertop overhang you are interested in as a sizable one can provide a lot of space to push barstools or chairs inward. A large enough overhang may allow the seats to be flush with the island to avoid taking up extra space.

Using these tips while going through the details for installing a kitchen island will help you get the greatest results from remodelers. Reach out to a kitchen remodeling professional in your area to get started.