3 Things To Focus On When Comparing Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on: 20 December 2019

An updated kitchen or bathroom can have a significant impact on your home's resale value. Replacing dated or worn cabinets with new ones can be a simple way to breathe new life into your outdated kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets are not a purchase that homeowners make often, so you might be unfamiliar with the process of selecting new cabinets for your kitchen. Focus in on these three things to ensure you are getting the cabinets that will improve both the look and function of your kitchen in the future.

1. Cabinet Size and Layout

You will probably go through a planning phase with your remodeling contractor before your kitchen update gets underway. The size, layout, and design of your new cabinets are decided on during this planning phase.

There are a few different types of cabinets that you can source on the open market today. You can choose stock cabinets if your kitchen will feature a standard layout. Semi-custom cabinets let you use stock cabinets for the majority of your remodel, with only a few cabinets being built from scratch.

Full-custom cabinets are designed exclusively to fit your kitchen. A set of custom cabinets will look great, but they will also be the most costly option.

2. Box Strength

Too many homeowners spend a significant amount of time looking at cabinet doors during a remodel, but your cabinets will serve more than a functional role. You want your new cabinets to look nice and support the weight of your dishware simultaneously.

The easiest way to increase the strength of your kitchen cabinets is by increasing the quality of the wood used to construct the cabinet frames. Structural rails give you the ability to mount your heavy-duty boxes to the studs behind your kitchen wall, creating strong, durable, and safe cabinets in your home.

3. Custom Organization

The residential cabinets being manufactured today can give you the ability to create an organized and efficient kitchen space. You can work with your general contractor to secure cabinets that feature custom organization inserts.

Consider which cabinets could benefit from full roll-out shelves or a built-in wine rack. Some cabinets can even be equipped with dividers that will help you store away pots, pans, and lids with ease.

Cabinets can have a big impact on the success of your kitchen remodel. Be sure that you are considering all major factors before you commit to a new cabinet design with a company like Palm Harbor Kitchens LLC.