7 Features To Have In An Awesome Basement

Posted on: 23 September 2019

Remodeling your basement is a popular project for many homeowners. Having an unfinished basement is just wasted square footage that is not being used. Plus, residential basement remodeling can add value to your home. Zillow states that, while you may only recoup 70% of the cost on average, a remodeled basement will "really stand out" when you decide to sell your home. In the meantime,  your family will enjoy using an awesome basement. 

1. Dance Floor: Adding a dance floor to your basement is a great start when you are going for awesome. It is perfect for a dance off or fun with friends.

2. Arcade Games: Classic arcade games are another top choice when remodeling a basement. From Centipede to Ms. Pacman, everyone loves joy sticks and old school gaming. Be sure to plan out where you want to put them in advance to allow for extra electrical outlets.

3. Multiple Flat Screens: Sports fans know that a flat screen television — or three — is a must for any basement remodel. The more, the merrier, right?

4. Hot Tub: A hot tub is the perfect thing to put directly in front of all those flat screens. Watching the game go into overtime while you relax in a hot tub is Monday night perfection. Be advised, however, that most hot tubs require a 220 volt outlet. Have your electrician or general contractor include the installation of one in the remodeling bid. 

5. Bar Area: Having a bar in your basement is a fairly common upgrade. Both a dry bar (no sink) and a wet bar (with a sink) are great improvements. If you are hiring a plumber to add or remodel a basement bathroom, ask for a quote on installing the necessary plumbing for a wet bar. 

6. Bathroom: Having a half bath in your basement is great, but a full bath is even better. Plus, a full bath lets your basement do double duty as a guest suite when company comes to visit. For the adventurous, you could even go full man-cave and add a urinal. 

7. Bowling: While a regulation bowling alley needs at least 86 feet, an arcade-style bowling alley needs just 34 feet, allowing daring homeowners to squeeze one into their basements. These smaller alleys are often referred to as duckpin bowling and use a smaller bowling ball.  

Remodeling your basement can be awesome with a few over-the-top upgrades.