Help Your Parents Renovate Their Bathroom With The Addition Of A Walk-In Shower

Posted on: 22 August 2019

If your parents have decided to remodel their bathroom, you may have been helping them so that you can both make sure that the results will look great and that it's functional for them. As your parents get older, it's likely that they want some additional features to make the bathroom more accessible for their age.

With so many projects to choose from for remodeling the bathroom, it's smart to know the difference that a walk-in shower can make.

Easier to Keep Clean

Depending on their current shower, they could be spending a lot of time cleaning due to the grout and tiling in the room. Making sure that the new shower is going to be easy to clean can make a big difference in how happy your parents are with the way their bathroom looks. With a walk-in shower, there won't be a large bump to enter the shower, making it easier to keep up with maintaining the bathroom and keeping it clean.

Reduce the Risk of a Fall

The number one reason to get a walk-in shower for your parent's bathroom as they get older is that it can greatly reduce the risk of falling. Since it can be so worrisome for your parents to live alone as they get older, it can provide some real peace of mind to have the bathroom be easier to get in and out of with a walk-in shower. Without the need to step over a gap to get into the shower, there won't be as high of a risk of slipping as they get in and out.

Adding a support bar on the wall of the shower at the same time can also be a good feature to have to improve safety.

Try Out a New Style

As you look into renovating the bathroom, you'll see just how many different options there are for showerheads, tiling, and shelving inside. Making sure that the new shower will look more modern can help update the bathroom greatly and make a big difference in how happy your parents are with the way the bathroom turns out.

Assisting your parents with the renovated bathroom can allow you to have some input towards how the bathroom turns out the end. With the addition of a walk-in shower and the above tips in mind, you can feel good about how the bathroom looks and avoid some of the risks that can come with showering for elderly people.