Love To Cook? 5 Tips To Create A Chef's Kitchen

Posted on: 1 March 2019

Do you love to cook? Then a chef's kitchen is right for you. This style of kitchen focuses on the ease of cooking and your ability to use your space to create new and creative dishes. It translates a love of cooking into a physical space. 

So how can you work with your kitchen remodeling contractor to design a true chef's kitchen? Here are five best tips.

Add Work Space. Chefs need a lot of room to work. That means expansive work surfaces, including counter tops, butcher blocks, and islands. Remove unnecessary clutter to its own home in cupboards, drawers, or hanging on walls. The fewer obstacles you find on your work surfaces, the faster and more efficiently you'll create your masterpieces.

Use the Work Triangle. Work triangles in kitchen terms refer to the combination of sinks, refrigerators, and stoves. These three elements are the most used in just about any kitchen, and they should be located for efficiency. Let nothing interfere with these three triangle points, and keep them physically close. You'll lose less time and waste fewer steps.

Create Stations. Stations, like the work triangle, are all about efficiency. Think about tasks you regularly do in the kitchen, then divide them into categories. These categories — like prep and cutting, cleanup, cooking, or coffee — are assigned a station with all you need to work close by. Stations are the best way to divide the work among more than one cook in the kitchen, too.

Focus on Quality. People think that chefs and those who enjoy cooking like having a lot of tools and equipment. In actuality, though, what you want is quality of items rather than quantity. Look for a high quality oven unit, a good set of knives, and a useful set of pots and pans. The right tools beat out a large selection of tools every time. 

Keep Ingredients Nearby. Ingredients are the base of your cooking, so design a layout that keeps them close and handy. Plant an herb garden in the bay window or breakfast nook. Put the pantry near the refrigerator for handy access. Organize it so that everything is easily identifiable and accessible. And place spices at arm's length from the stove. 

By thinking about how you cook or bake, you can design a kitchen remodel that works for you as a chef. The result will be a cooking space you'll love and appreciate for years to come.