Benefits Of Refinishing Your Kitchen Floor With Vinyl Flooring

Posted on: 9 February 2017

When you're looking for a fresh look in your kitchen, it's often a good idea to start with the flooring. You may find that simply changing the flooring, which a remodeling contractor can do fairly quickly and with minimal disruption to your life, can dramatically alter the look of the room without the expense of changing cabinets and appliances. There are several flooring types to consider, and you may be drawn toward the higher-end options of tile or hardwood. However, you shouldn't overlook vinyl flooring. Modern-day vinyl flooring is extremely visually appealing and possesses a number of benefits, including the following.

Impressive Durability

Vinyl flooring can surprisingly be less resistant to damage than tile and hardwood. In a kitchen, there's always the risk of you dropping something hard on the floor, such as a drinking glass or a serving plate. These hard objects can dent a hardwood floor, especially if they're dropped from a significant height and if they impact the wood with one of their edges. Similarly, hard objects could potentially chip or crack a tile, which would leave you with a challenging repair job. Vinyl flooring is highly resistant to things being dropped on it, making it a practical choice for your kitchen.

Ideal Installation

Vinyl flooring is handy because it can often be installed directly over your current floor. This will save time with the installation, as your remodeling contractor won't have to rip up the kitchen floor. Conversely, hardwood is installed directly over the plywood, while tiles need a bed of mortar beneath them. The shorter installation time for vinyl flooring means that your contractor will likely give you a lower installation quote than if he or she would be installing tiles or hardwood flooring.

Affordability Makes It Easy To Replace

In many cases, you'll find that vinyl flooring is more of a cost-effective option than hardwood or tile flooring, especially if you're able to find a good sale. This is a benefit to the homeowner because you may feel apt to replace the vinyl flooring in a period of years if you're tackling a full kitchen remodel or you just want a different look. Because you won't have as much invested, you won't be as resistant to seek a new flooring option. Conversely, hardwood flooring is pricey to buy and have installed, which means that you won't likely want to remove it as long as you live in the house.

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