Three Home Improvement Ideas To Improive Energy Efficiency

Posted on: 6 February 2017

If you've found that your energy bills have been getting a bit out of hand, then it might be time to bring in some contractors and get some work done to improve your homes energy efficiency. There are a few different areas you can target. You should look to your attic, your basement, and your windows. Below is a list of three of the main improvement ideas to consider.

Get An Insulation Audit Of Your Attic

One of the worst offenders when it comes to heat loss is a poorly insulated attic. Even if your attic is insulated, it might not be properly insulated. Perhaps the home is very old, and the insulation has deteriorated. It also might be a situation where the insulation was not properly applied in the first place, and it never correctly prevented heat loss. Maybe the prior owner was a do-it-yourselfer who simply tossed out some rolls of pink insulation and tacked them to the floorboards, which left room for leaks. Whatever the reason, it is helpful to bring in experts to do an energy audit. They can assess the condition of your insulation and determine if you would benefit from new material.

Have Your Ductwork Checked For Leaks

Another potential cause of a high heating bill is bad seals on the ductwork. If you use central air or forced hot air, and the ducts are leaking, then your bill is going to be high. The simple solution is to head down into the basement and check the ductwork and see if there are any openings where air can leak out. If you notice slight gaps in the seals, then you can wrap them in duct tape. It's a simple way to prevent a leakage of hot/cold and and lessen the heating/cooling bill. Of course, if your ducts are not accessible easily (perhaps they were installed in hard-to-reach places) then you want to hire a specialist. You don't want to try and squeeze in to tight spots and risk banging the ducts out of whack.

Replace Energy Inefficient Windows

A huge problem with older homes is energy inefficient windows. Thin panes and bad sealing are two obvious issues. Not to mention that over time the seating for the window can warp and let even more air through. The best thing to do is bring in a crew and have new energy efficient windows installed. You should speak with the window installer and determine which type of energy efficient winnow is best for your needs. There are both double and triple pane glass, as well as gas filled windows. These have a insulating gas sealed into the panes. This invisible gas acts as an extra form of insulation. 

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