Three Enhancements You Need For Your Store's Security Gate

Posted on: 6 February 2017

As a business is beginning to close, it is common for the store managers to begin to let down or secure the security gate. Security gates are great when you are beginning to close the building and to protect the property after everyone has gone home for the rest of the night. Some security gates can be installed to be pulled down from the ceiling to the floor, while others can be rolled from side to side. If you are not sure what kind of security gate to choose for your upscale store, here are three enhancements that will physically fit and protect your business. 

Get an electronically locked gate

One of the best ways to secure a nice store from the exterior is to install a gate that electronically locks. It is a good idea to have a gate that you and your employees can swing closed so that you do not have to pull the gate from either the side or from the ceiling. This also means that the gate can easily be accessed by employees who may have a disability. The gate should have an electronic method of opening and closing. This can be with a card open mechanism or an electronic security pad to enter a code. This will make sure that though you close the door to stop further customers from entering, the employees can all come back into the store after cleaning or otherwise securing the outside and parking lot. 

Get a wrought iron gate

If you own a store that you want others to view as upscale, you will need to have an exterior security gate that conveys this look even when your store is closed. Get a wrought iron security gate that comes with the tops and bottoms of the bars decorated. The look of the security gate should be similar to an upscale security gate on the exterior of a residence. Have the fence properly fashioned to remain opened and flush against the outside wall when your store is open. Be sure that the wrought iron is heavy enough to protect the entry doors of your business from heavy items that could be thrown against the door. 

Station a camera on the gate

One of the best ways to be able to file an insurance claim and a police report with proof of a break-in is to have security cameras. Station security cameras at the top of your security gate as an added deterrent for thieves. Be sure that the cameras are too far out of reach for thieves to block and that the camera recordings are being saved as they run each night. 

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