Architectural Designs For Any Personality

Posted on: 3 February 2017

Have you ever driven through a neighborhood and noticed that each house is pretty much identical, well you may want something a little different. In fact a "cookie cutter" house may be your worse nightmare. You are not the same person as your neighbor and you may want to build a home that represents you and your style. The good news is that you are going to be able to find architectural designers that will be able to design your home to exact specifications and allow you to get your personality stamped on your house.

Plantation Homes

You may have been driving through the south at one point in time and seen some of the beautiful plantation homes that dot the countryside. Some of the most iconic characteristics of a southern plantation style home are the white pillars that sprawl from the top of the house to the foundation. You will also note that the home has expansive porches and that it is almost completely symmetrical. The plantation home often has a parlor and multiple guest rooms. A plantation home fits well in the southern states, but do not be fooled in thinking that it should only be built in the south. Plantation homes look good in any location. 

Mountain and Country Homes

If you have a plot of land that is up in the mountains or in the countryside, you may want to consider building a country or mountain home. These homes look a little bit more rugged and rustic on the outside and inside. These types of houses often utilize stone and log to create this rustic look. Another common feature in these types of homes are huge windows to allow the natural sunlight in, but also to allow for the majestic countryside and mountain views into the home. 

Any Style That You Can Imagine

It does not matter if you visited Europe or South America; you are going to be able to have a home built to your specification. In fact architectural designers often enjoy being able to design a home that is going to meet your needs. There are well over thirty different styles of home. You can talk with an architectural designer and start looking at different designs that are going to meet the needs of you and your home. Remember that the designer can customize any design that you want, because you are, in fact, one of a kind. Contact a company like Steven R Savino Architect to learn more.