Understanding The Benefits Of Using A Walk-In Tub

Posted on: 26 January 2017

There may be a lot of reasons for switching over from a traditional tub to a walk-in, including that as you get older, it can get more difficult to get in and out on your own. The limitations on your health can make it hard to shower or bathe without having an accident. The information provided below provides an overview of the benefits of having a walk-in tub.

Safety Benefits

If you or a family member suffers from any type of mobility issues, you will appreciate the safety benefits of a walk-in tub. The walk-in tub has been uniquely designed with a door that swings open, allowing you to easily step in or out of the tub when your bath or shower is over. In addition, most walk in tubs comes equipped with a shower seat, allowing you to take a shower without having to stand for long periods of time. There are also safety features such as an anti-slip tub floor  and handrails along the side to help you maintain your balance.

Spa-like Benefits

Walk-in tubs can be equipped with additional amenities such as hydrotherapy jets to provide you with a spa-like experience during your bath. The jets may be modified to different settings to help alleviate any pain from sore muscles and joints. Hydrotherapy jets are a good option because they don't require chlorine, like traditional hot tubs. In addition, you don't have the added maintenance and upkeep that differs from that of keeping your tub clean. You also are not required to go outside in order to enjoy the jet streams.

Health Benefits

Keeping yourself healthy and in good condition starts with maintaining good hygiene practices. However, the ability to get in and out of the tub may keep you from taking a shower or bath as often as you would like. A walk-in bathtub could be solution to allow you to remain independent and be able to care for your own personal hygiene appropriately.

Homeowner Benefits

There are several benefits as a homeowner to having an upgraded bathroom with a walk-in tub, especially if you live in an area where people are looking for a long-term home, instead of a starter one. These tubs will not only add to the aesthetic appeal for potential homeowners, but it can also help to increase your equity.

If you have any questions or concerns about walk-in tub sales, consider consulting with a contractor, like one from Walkin Tubs of America.