Modern Wood Flooring Choices to Give Your Home a New Look and Style

Posted on: 26 January 2017

If you want to add wood floors to your home, you have more choices than the conventional hardwood flooring materials. There are modern materials like reclaimed wood, engineered flooring, and tropical hardwoods to give your home a more modern look. Here are some of the newest wood flooring materials that you will want to use to do something different with your new floors:

1. Engineered and Alternative Wood Materials for Your Floors

Today, there are many different types of wood and engineered materials available to use for your home. These materials are simple wood flooring systems that lock in-place and have a veneer finish. The engineered flooring materials are also available in wood alternatives, such as bamboo or vinyl finishes that look like wood. This is an affordable option if you want a durable material with a different type of finish.  Engineered floors also have the benefit of insulated padding and a softer surface than conventional hardwood flooring.

2. Tropical Hardwoods for Different Colors and More Durable Floors

Tropical hardwoods are becoming popular for many finishes around the home, such as for a deck or outdoor landscaping structures. These hardwoods are also available in hardwood flooring materials, which are extremely durable. If you want to have a real wood floor in areas that are susceptible to moisture problems, tropical hardwoods are the best choice of materials to use in these areas of your home. Tropical hardwoods will be the most costly, but they are also the most durable choice for real hardwood floors in your home.

3. Reclaimed Lumber and Softwoods for Affordable, Unique Hardwood Floors

Lumber is being reclaimed from many buildings that are being demolished, such as old barns that are beyond repair and factories. These materials are available from lumber services that make them into usable products like timber and hardwood flooring. In addition to reclaimed materials, softwoods are also available, which can be finished to give them an aged look. Softwoods have the benefit of being easier on your joints when you walk on them, so you may want to choose softwood materials if you suffer from ailments like arthritis.

These are the newest wood flooring solutions to give your home a makeover with new floors. If you are ready to change the look of your home with new floors, contact a hardwood flooring contractor like K J M Floor Store and talk with them about using some of these wood flooring materials for your home.