Considering Skylights? Compare the Pros and Cons First

Posted on: 24 January 2017

If you have higher ceilings in your home, you might be the perfect candidate for installing skylights. These are a great way to bring in more light and benefit in a number of other ways, but there are also some drawbacks to consider. It is best that you compare the pros and cons first.

Pro: Skylights Provide Natural Ventilation

First of all, a skylight can work just like an extra window in your home, providing some natural ventilation. Just make sure you get a skylight with a hinged design so that you can open it and close it easily. There should be a switch on the wall that you can reach and use to control the skylight, since it is up too high to reach and open manually.

Con: Having Skylights Can Lead to Roof Leaks

Unfortunately, your skylight might put you at risk of having a roof leak in the future. This typically occurs with the roofing flashing that is installed around the skylight. You need to make sure you are inspecting and maintaining your roof on a regular basis, looking for gaps between the flashing and the skylight. If it looks like there is some damage in this area on your roof, the damage may lead to leaks.

Pro: Skylights Provide More Natural Light

An excellent reason to have a skylight installed in your home is that it provides more natural light. Since your skylight is directly above you, it will likely provide better natural light in your home than your other windows will. With more natural light, you can keep the lights inside your home turned off more often, and this helps to save energy as well.

Con: It Might Get Too Hot

With the extra natural light through a skylight also comes more heat. If you already live in a hot climate, you might find that the skylight provides a little too much heat. If this is a problem, but you still want a skylight, see whether you can have one installed that includes a panel you can close when it gets too hot inside.

Pro: You May Get Solar Heating

The heat can actually be a good thing if you live in a colder climate that requires the use of your heater often. You can save energy by having a skylight that provides some solar heat during the day, reducing how much you need to turn on the heater. This saves money and reduces your home's carbon footprint.

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