5 Things You Need to Do Before Your Bathtub and Tile Can Be Refinished

Posted on: 20 January 2017

If your master bathroom's bathtub and tile surround have seen better days, then you will be happy to know that you can have them professionally refinished using a specialized epoxy paint. Refinishing your bathtub is less expensive than tearing it out and replacing it, and it is a lot less work. However, before your refinishing contractor comes out to reglaze your bathtub and tile, first there are important things that you must do, including each of the following:

1. Plan for Bathtub Refinishing to Be the Last Task in Remodeling Your Home's Master Bathroom

If you are doing other remodeling work on your master bathroom in addition to refinishing the tub and tile, then you must do those projects before you have the reglazing done. Since vibration from hammering or dropping tiles on your refinished tub can damage the new finish while it is curing, you should complete all of your other tile work, sheetrock installation, and flooring installation before having your tub resurfaced.

2. Remove All Personal Items from the Bathroom

So that your refinishing contractor will have plenty of room to work, you need to remove all of your personal items from your master bathroom. This includes removing your:

  • shower curtain
  • wall clock
  • wall art
  • plants
  • toiletries
  • cosmetics
  • towels
  • rugs

In addition, you should also remove your toilet paper and the dispenser if it is portable. 

3. Fix Plumbing Leaks and Dripping Faucets 

Moisture and humidity can damage the new epoxy paint on your bathtub. For this reason, you need to fix any plumbing leaks or dripping faucets in your master bathroom before you can have the bathtub and tile refinished.

4. Remove Bathroom Fixtures Within a Foot of the Surfaces Being Refinished

Before your bathtub and tile can be refinished, first you must remove any fixtures that are within a foot of the surfaces being refinished. The technician needs enough room to use their specialized paint sprayer to apply the epoxy paint solution and can't do so if the vanity, pedestal sink, or toilet are in the way.

5. Remove All Silicone Caulking Around the Bathtub

Finally, the areas being refinished around your master bathroom's tub and tile cannot have any silicone caulking on them. The silicone will be dissolved by the new epoxy coating and the installation will be damaged. Using a utility knife, remove all of the caulking around your bathtub and tile before your refinishing contractor arrives. 

For more information about how to prepare to have your bathtub refinished, talk to a contractor like Tub Solutions Inc.